Participation (non-UK)

The UK welcomes EU / International businesses in the AMR related domains antimicrobials, diagnostics, preventives, vaccines, alternatives for antimicrobials (such as phage therapy), stewardship tools and other AMR-related technologies, products and services. Businesses may include:

  • Start-ups  
  • SMEs 
  • Large companies
  • Multinational companies
  • Joint Ventures and other collaborations

Starting point for participating countries (EU, USA, rest of the world)

  • Travel to/from the UK and accommodation in the UK at your own expense
  • Possibility of staying overnight at reduced hotel costs
  • Lunches and dinners are offered free of charge
  • Travelling within the UK with the delegation (by bus) is offered by Innovate UK at no extra cost
  • The programme itself (lectures, presentations, partnering sessions) is free of charge.
  • Selection will be based on meeting the criteria (innovativeness, relationship with AMR and willingness to cooperate internationally)

We recommend a flight in near to Oxford and return near to Edinburgh.

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