International Core Team

Dr Maarten van Dongen: AMR Insights BV (NL)

Maarten is the founder and director of AMR Insights. AMR Insights informs, educates and connects professionals worldwide with the aim to add the curbing of Antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

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Dr Peter Dirken: Innovate UK (UK)

Peter manages Innovate UK global programme of innovation missions which connect UK businesses to the best of innovation the world has to offer. From the Netherlands originally, he is very excited to work with Maarten and the team on this specific project, which is seeking to play its part in addressing the global AMR challenge.

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Dr Phil Packer: Innovate UK (UK)

Phil is the Innovation Lead, AMR and Vaccines, at Innovate UK in the United Kingdom. Phil leads on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and Vaccines at Innovate UK, developing & delivering funding calls, supporting workshops and strategy.

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Paul Toben: Innovate UK EDGE (UK)

Paul is the Programme Manager for Innovate UK EDGE in the South East that provides bespoke support that grows and scales ambitious innovative businesses. Also providing SMEs support through Enterprise Europe Network for international partnering and collaborative grant funded research.

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Craig Gordon: Innovate UK EDGE (UK)

Craig is EEN Innovation specialist working at Oxford Innovation.

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Joana da Silva: Innovate UK (UK)

Joana da Silva is a graduate at Innovate UK undertaking a placement in the Health & Life Sciences team. She holds a Master of Natural Science (Biology & Biochemistry) & Bachelor of Science from the University of Leeds.

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Bita Najafi: Innovate UK EDGE (UK)

Bita Najafi is an Innovation and growth Specialist at innovate UK EDGE South East providing bespoke support to ambitious innovative businesses that are looking to grow and scale.

Bita holds a Master Degree in Medical Molecular Biology plus Counselling and Psychotherapy.

She has a vast experience in the dental and medical healthcare sector and is passionate about working with Maarten and the team on this project.

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Graeme Owen: Innovate UK EDGE (UK)

Graeme is Marketing & Events Manager for Innovate UK EDGE in South East England. His focus is on engaging with innovative, ambitious SMEs to provide excellent innovation and growth support.

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Supported by

Claire Melville: Scottish Enterprise (UK)

Claire is the Life Sciences Opportunity Manager for Innovation, collaboration and funding at Scottish Enterprise. Claire supports Scottish SME, academic and NHS innovators to find partners and access collaborative grant funding to develop and commercialise their technology . Claire has an academic and commercial background in Veterinary Vaccines and Antimicrobial resistance.

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Anastassia Bolotkova; Bruntwood SciTech (UK)

Translational medic by background, Anastassia has extensive experience in translating personalized medicine from bench to bed. She was heavily involved in research, technical transfer and manufacturing autologous and allogeneic products for cancer patients.

Now, Anastassia is Business Development Lead for Life Sciences at Bruntwood SciTech, the network of innovation districts, and her role entitles supporting growth of the current companies and expanding the ecosystem. She is also the Global Head of Business Development for a non-for- profit organisation, Innovation Forum that builds bridges between academia, private companies, investors and policy makers.

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