6th International Conference on Healthcare Associated Infections

26/03/2020 - 30/03/2020
Atlanta, GA (USA)

Innovation – The development of novel prevention tools, strategies, diagnostics, and therapeutics has been critical in the progress of infection prevention and addressing the threat of AR. Further innovation related to healthcare technology, practices, policies, and programs are needed to continue to move towards the goal of eliminating HAIs and slowing antibiotic resistance.

Data for Action – Facilities, states, clinicians, and other stakeholders need data to drive detection and prevention strategies to eliminate HAIs and combat AR. Improvements in use of surveillance, epidemiologic, clinical, and laboratory data are critical to help close knowledge gaps and allow for the implementation of effective strategies to provide safe care.

Addressing AMR Without Borders – Many factors impact the local and global burden and transmission of AR. To prevent resistant pathogens from spreading within and between healthcare facilities and the environment, constant vigilance and action are needed. The spread of antibiotic resistance does not respect borders. The AR experience of any given facility, region, or country is directly influenced by the sharing of colonized or infected patients with its neighboring facilities, regions and countries. Global success in containing spread of HAIs and AR will require coordinated responses at the local, regional, and international levels. Public health and healthcare systems must work together to share information to detect and to implement effective practices to prevent infections from occurring and spreading.


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  • Science, Health-Economic & Societal impact
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  • Bottom-up, interactive approach
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