First three Escherichia coli isolates harboring mcr-1 in Uruguay

  25 July 2019

ST10 is considered a high-risk clone worldwide. This type of mcr-1-harboring clone is a major concern for human and animal health and must be under close surveillance.

In this work we detected the presence of mcr-1 for the first time in our country, albeit in an allodemic manner, associated with different antibiotic resistance genes and from diverse clinical contexts.

Considering that colistin is often the last therapeutic option available for multidrug-resistant Gram-Negative Bacilli infections, it is necessary to maximize precautions to avoid the dissemination of isolates carrying mcr-1.

Authors: Romina Papa-Ezdra, Fabio Grill Diaz, Mariela Vieytes, Virginia García-Fulgueiras, Leticia Caiata, Pablo Ávila, María Brasesco, Inés Christophersen, Nicolás F. Cordeiroa Gabriela-Algorta, Antonio Galiana, Rafael Vignolia
Effective surveillance  

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