Antimicrobial Resistance, Pitfall for Humanity or AI’s Next Triumph?

  10 July 2019

With the growing fears of antimicrobial resistance in the modern world, there is no better time for some innovation within healthcare, and yet again, it seems we turn to artificial intelligence to provide a potent solution. Here, we see the application of machine learning algorithms to analyse large data sets, as well as the usage of deep learning with forming neural networks. According to AMR Insights, applications of these methods could be used to identify and predict which genes cause infectious bacteria to become resistant to antibiotics, and hence the future could be held within the realm of computing, where deep learning neural networks alongside machine learning algorithms could analyse databases of genome sequences and provide an informed decision. Again, we see a tandem effort between man and machine, where scientific specialisms such as genomics can apprise the machine learning element.


Source: AI Daily
Authors: Joel Baby
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