Review on the Major Antimicrobial Resistance Bacterial Pathogen of Poultry

  20 June 2019

The objective of this seminar paper is to review on the major antimicrobial resistance bacterial pathogen of poultry. Antimicrobial resistance
(AMR) is a global health threat, and antimicrobial usage and AMR in animal production is one of its contributing sources. Poultry is one of
the most widespread types of meat consumed worldwide. Poultry flocks are often raised under intensive conditions using large amounts of
antimicrobials to prevent and to treat disease, as well as for growth promotion. Antimicrobial resistant of poultry pathogens may result in
treatment failure, leading to economic losses, but also be a source of resistant bacteria/genes (including zoonotic bacteria) that may represent
a risk to human health.

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Emerging Antimicrobials and Diagnostics in AMR 2019

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